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Rafiqul Hasan

Software Engineer

I am a fast and avid learner, explorer, team player and passionate software engineer with 5+ years’ experience. I enjoy taking on new challenges and constantly strives to learn new skills. I write reliable, scalable, and maintainable code that makes the least debt to tech.

Selected Projects

ValidusA dead simple Python string validation library. It has very simple and Pythonic API. I built this library in Python 3 using TDD (unittest, doctest)
Simple-BcryptIt provides bcrypt hashing utilities for Flask/Sanic/Quart/Eve application.
CheckrA CLI tool to check whether a package name is available on different package managers.

Skills & expertise



Southeast UniversityBSc. in Computer Science and Engineering

Work experience

November 2018 - PresentSoftware EngineerMisfit Technologies LTD- Redesigned the conversational chatbot building platform Alice with maintainable low level architecture and transformed it from B2B to SAAS. And lead this team of 7 people.
- Designed and developed both back-end and front-end architecture of Ki Chole?, an online entertainment and event ticketing platform.
- Designed and implemented HTTP based backend system for health tracking IoT device.
- Technologies: Go, Echo Framework, ReactJS, Redux, Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Docker, Traefik, AWS, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
October 2017 - November 2018Software DeveloperFinder GPS Tracking Service- Redesigned the notification system with Event Driven Architecture and reduced the trigger time from 3 minutes to near real time.
- Redesigned TCP backend system for location tracking IoT device and improved open connection up to 80%.
- Implemented a POC of Real Time video streaming system with RTMP.
- Implemented a POC of Real Time location tracking system with WebSocket.
- Lead a team of 4 and mentor junior developers.
- Technologies: Python, Flask, Sanic, Celery, Twisted, Tornado, ReactJS, Redux, Redis, MongoDB
January 2016 - September 2017Software DeveloperThemeXpert- Developing premium WordPress themes and plugins.
- Creating components for Page Builder..
- Providing technical support to the customer.
- Technologies: PHP, WordPress, ReactJS, Python, Flask, Scrapy, MySQL, MongoDB
February 2014 - December 2015Freelance Web Developer- Developing custom WordPress themes and Plugins as per client's requirements.
- Developing pixel perfect UI and great UX for the web.

Oh. Most of my free time I spend improving and learning tech skills, watching tech conference talks and reading about the latest trends and technologies. Also I like to watch some good movie and TV Show.